Training from hair extensions and thickening by hairtalk extensions.

Training consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.


The theoretical part consists of the most important information about the hairtalk extensions method, type of hair, care instructions, haircuts, coloring, information how to prepare the client to the application of hairtalk extensions strands.


The practical part includes exercise on the training head, the correct way of applying hairtalk extensions, removal and reuse of hairtalk extensions and thickening hair by using hairtalk hairpieces (hairwear system). In this part customer service is discussed as well as how to order hairtalk extensions products. Each participant will receive complete knowledge about hairtalk extensions method as well as the practice required for professional hairtalk extensions, which will be confirmed by a certificate. Each salon will also receive advertising materials such as flyers, stickers, catalogues.

Training is free of charge

As a part of the training, each salon will receive hairtalk extensions human hair color ring and a hairtalk mini brush - helpful in sectioning the hair of client. The exercises are held on materials provided to you by our company.


By signing up for the training you will receive the knowledge that will allow you to offer your clients additional service in the salon. This knowledge does not require any financial investment. After the training, you become a hairtalk extensions authorized salon and you can offer extensions and thickening with hairtalk extensions system.


Join the hairtalk family. Our motto is: Extensions or thickening without chemical services - the latest color trends that you can get in just a few minutes.


Training does not oblige to make any purchase.

For more information, please call: 32 361 82 53.

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